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news headlines
  • Hurricane Arthur loses strength
  • Hurricane Arthur skirts North Carolina
  • India among 193 countries spied on by US: Report
  • China, India and Pakistan boost nuclear arms arsenal: F.P.I
  • World population to hit 10.9bn by 2100
  • Study reveals ancient fossil fish had abs


In South Sudan, a warring elite deaf to peace

The conflict in South Sudan has killed tens of thousands, forced nearly 2 million people from their homes and placed millions of children in jeopardy. Women and girls still bear the brunt of insecurity and remain vulnerable to sexual exploitation


Found & Missing Persons

Dec 22 2014
  • AGE : 24
  • PLACE : Badajoz
  • 4 Childrens (Male)
  • 3Childrens (Female)
  • 8Adults (Male)
  • 9Adults (Female)
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Dec 03 2014

Martian Meteorite Contains Possible Traces Of Biological Matter

April Flowers for FPI

The debate has raged for a long time. Is there now, or has there ever been, life on Mars?


Dec 10 2014

CIA lied over 'brutal' interrogations

CIA employed interrogation techniques "far worse and brutal" than it admitted, investigation reveals.

Jul 30 2014

Bangalore child rape: Two gym instructors arrested

The alleged incident had occurred on July 2, but the complaint with police was lodged by the victim's par...

May 26 2014

Brazil's evicted 'won't celebrate World Cup'

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Every four years, Brazilians decorate their streets in green and yellow, cel...

Jul 05 2014

Hurricane Arthur loses strength

Hurricane Arthur has weakened in strength after hitting North Carolina's ...

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